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Top 8 Oxygen Producing Indoor Plants

Oxygen Producing Indoor Plants

Wondering how you can increase oxygen in your living space through natural ways? Simple! All you have to do is to invest in Oxygen Producing Indoor Plants. Although you will be aware of the varied options to increase indoor oxygen level like the air purifiers and oxygenators, nothing can replace or take the place of Oxygen Producing Indoor Plants. These houseplants have proved to boost immunity, mental strength, and energy levels while enacting the role of beautiful décor, pleasing eyes, and soul.

So if you are looking to boost more oxygen in your haven, then take a look at some of the amazing Oxygen producing indoor plants below. Also, these plants are very easy to take care of, and can easily be reached at Best online nursery for plants nearby.

Let’s introduce the Oxygen Plants in our lives and make our lives healthy, stress-free, and happy. Some of the popular Indoor plants are as below:

Pothos @ TaruVatika
  • Pothos
    Taking a lead from our list of top Oxygen Producing Indoor Plants, Pothos also known by the names of devil’s vine, golden pothos, devil’s ivy, etc. is a waxy, evergreen, heart-shaped plant. They are the popular option for those who do have not much experience with plants. However, these plants are considered a little dangerous for pets and kids. So make sure to keep it away from them by hanging it high or keeping it out of reach.
    Pothos or Money Plants are considered the best Air Purifying Plants because their filters formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene thereby increasing the oxygen level in the air. You can either Buy Plant Online or grow it by cutting it from another Pothos stem.
Oxygen Producing Indoor Plants - Areca Palm @ TaruVatika
  • Areca Palm
    Do you know why Areca Palm is very popular in offices and houses? It not just instantly adds beauty to the place, but is easy to maintain and purifies the indoor air. Their adaption to both outdoor and indoor makes it another added point for its favoritism.
    Areca Palm grabs the role of Oxygen Producing Indoor Plants for it can absorb toxic particles in the air while improving air humidity and keeping indoor pollution in check. It filters pollutants like toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde. The only thing one must keep note of while growing an areca palm is it must be watered regularly and must be away from direct sunlight. Rest, it will take care of the beauty and its ability to produce great oxygen levels.
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Peace Lily @ TaruVatika
  • Peace Lily
    Having earned the name of being the best oxygen producing plant by NASA, Peace Lily, a popular houseplant known for its beauty, tranquility, and low maintenance feature. These plants are highly beneficial to health for removing toxins like ammonia, benzene, and trichloroethylene.
    Peace lily can boost the oxygen level in a room by up to 25%. Their purifying magic works by trapping the harmful toxins through their leaf pores, thereby breaking them and cleaning the space.
Oxygen Producing Indoor Plants - Lucky Bamboo @ TaruVatika
  • Lucky Bamboo
    Lucky Bamboo is often linked to real bamboo plants, but in reality, it is part of the lily family. It comes with great fortune, happiness, health, and wealth. It can survive very well in indoor conditions, for direct sunlight results in damaged leaves. Lucky Bamboo beautifies the place with its appearance and elegance, while at the same time purifying the indoor air of harmful chemicals and toxins. This in turn increases the oxygen level, making it a popular option for health and décor.
Snake Plant @ TaruVatika
  • Snake Plant
    Snake Plant is known by many names like bedroom plant, mother-in-law tongue, etc. Aside from its unique name and striking whetted-like feature, it also is known to cleanse indoor air. Not many plants have the ability, but snake plants can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. The best features of snake plants are
    1. Remove toxic indoor pollutants
    2. Filter indoor air
    3. Easy to maintain and care
    4. Helps in boosting mental health
    5. Aid in minor ailments
    6. Highly effective for allergies, and so on.

      Snake plants are very easy to maintain as they can survive without water for weeks and still will give the appearance of fresh strappy leaves and perfect architectural shape.
Oxygen Producing Indoor Plants-Weeping Fig @ TaruVatika
  • Weeping Fig
    Weeping Fig, again a popular option for Oxygen Producing Indoor Plants, is a dark, dense, and beautiful green color plant. Its long pointy leaves and arching branches make it a beautiful and attractive Indoor plant. As per the NASA study, Weeping Fig comes under the top 5 air purifying plants.

    They are great in improving the air quality and filtering VOC s like toluene, formaldehyde, and xylene. The plant comes with many health benefits and also speeds up the purifying process, compared to other purifying plants. It requires very little maintenance but must be ensured to keep the soil moist for its purifying activity. Weeping fig does not like to be disturbed for it gives them a shocking effect. If transferred from one place to another, change in temperature, humidity, and lighting, the plant gets confused and starts dropping its leaves, leaving the plant bare and empty. Therefore, make sure once placed, try not to move or disturb its position.
Bamboo Plant @ TaruVatika
  • Bamboo Plant
    Bamboo Plant is natural Air Purifying Plants and has a great effect on the indoor air. Harmful chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde are very easily cleaned, improving the quality of the air and boosting high oxygen levels. Its unique feature of producing 30-35% of oxygen, covering 80% of the adult’s oxygen requirement. the bamboo plant is indeed one of the best-recommended air purifying plants.
    Known for its versatility, the bamboo plant comes with little to no responsibility. They are considered auspicious, elegant, beautiful, and the most important part cleanses indoor air.
Oxygen Producing Indoor Plants -Christmas Cactus @ TaruVatika
  • Christmas Cactus
    Beneficial and beautiful, Christmas Cactus is one of the popular options for a decorative and useful purposes. It increases the oxygen level in the air by using carbon dioxide during its photosynthesis process. Its colorful and attractive features can survive perfectly in low light conditions, making it the best option for beginners.
    Christmas Cactus is also safe around pets, which needs watering every 7-10 days period time. The plant blooms in rays of colors like pink, orange, fuchsia, white and red. To give it an added look, the Christmas cactus can be designed for a Bonsai plant as well, but under experts’ guidance.
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So which of these healthy and beautiful oxygen-producing indoor plants do you want in your living space? If you want to know more about the plants, then look out in Taru Vatika. It is the one-stop destination for all information related to plants, apart from being tagged as the Best online nursery for plants. Gift your family health by buying the above oxygen-producing indoor plants.

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