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Spend Your Money on Indoor Plants to Pinch Your Mood

Spend Your Money on Indoor Plants – TaruVatika

Music plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives and one can never spend their day without listening to music and killing time. Likewise, we’ve all heard that playing music enhances plant growth but is that all true? Does music improve plant growth? But the surprising fact is that many studies have shown that playing music for indoor plants does boost their growth faster and healthily. The vibration initiates motion in the plant cells, which in turn prompts the plant to cultivate more nutrients in them. This is how music plays a vital role in plants too.

Music, indoor plants, curtains, a cup of coffee, and a book side by side creates an aesthetic indoor space and mood-inducing feeling that are both visually pleasing and mentally relaxing. Nowadays, we can see many people who are most prominently plant lovers and they preach more about plants and their effects on this environment. Plant gifts are most welcomed in modern-day livelihoods and we can buy these indoor plants both online and offline.

We all love a good amount of home inspiration. Air purifying plants not only remove toxins like formaldehyde, toluene, benzene found in the air inside the home but also their presence lit the mood surely. Online nursery for plants provides us with a wide range of plant species as they are affordable in pots and sachets in good conditions.

Some of the stylish plants that cleanse toxins found in the air inside your home

stylish plants that cleanse toxins
  • Boston Fern:
    This plant is quite famously known as “love fern”. Boston Fern is one of the best low-maintenance and good-looking plants found as they can splendidly remove toxins from the air and also act as a natural humidifier for your room. It restores the moisture in the air, making it perfect for the person with dry and pale skin. This plant requires enough humidity to last and it is best to place them inside the bathroom with light shades of light and warm muggy soil.
  • Dragon Tree:
    Dragon Tree is nonetheless the do-it-all air purifier. These plants are perfect for pet-free homes as they are toxic to cats and dogs. It removes the toxins like benzene produced by cigarette smoke or other household cleaning chemicals and likewise formaldehyde and xylene produced by varnishes or paints. The soil should be moist and nice so that water drips and flourishes easily deep down the roots of the plant.
  • Rubber Plant:
    Rubber plants have thick and shiny leaves that make the plant unique and beautiful among all other plants. Their leaves absorb and break down the airborne chemicals which make the plant insta-friendly and leaves a good vibe. The plant’s growth should be noticed for the first few months and it needs support from the plant shaft. Once matured, it can be easily taken care of and involves moderate sunlight.
  • Bamboo Palm:
    A plant with lush leaves and a tropical vibe gives your home a perfect scene with bold shoot stems and a green leafy top. Trichloroethylene found in the air can be removed using this plant and the specialty of this plant is that it can adapt its size to its environment. Right space and right light are what you have to feed this green giant. Overwatering should be avoided and moist soil is all it needs. Spiders and mites can get easily attached to these plants but they can be removed by spraying soapy water over them.
  • Aloe Vera:
    Aloe Vera is a common household plant found in almost every part of India and this plant has n-numbers of benefits. This beneficial plant not only cleanses the air but also absorbs carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. They are easy to grow and maintain. Moist soil and moderate sunlight help the plant to mutate from a single plant into multiple plants within a short period. This plant also acts as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and has many other healing properties, and is highly used in cosmetic areas for a better complexion.
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Benefits of Air Purifying Plants

Benefits of Air Purifying Plants

Our health is constantly threatened by the surroundings we live in as the air we breathe is highly contaminated be it indoors or outdoors. It is proven that the air inside the home is more polluted than the air outside. Indoor air is contaminated with pollutants and toxins like formaldehyde which may cause eye irritation, headaches, and other health-related issues.

  1. Air purifying plants lower toxic carbon dioxide levels.
  2. Oxygen levels are processed properly by adjusting the carbon dioxide level inside the home.
  3. Lessen the levels of pollutants like nitrogen oxide, toluene, etc.
  4. Reduces airborne dust and its levels.
  5. It also reduces stress and fatigue.
  6. Increase productivity and concentration.
  7. Creates a peaceful home vibe making it a better place to sustain.

Air purifying plants in India are mostly natural and cost-effective and you can buy these from the best online nursery for plants or from the stores nearby.

Pure and fresh air especially inside the home has become a luxury these days. To breathe fresh air and sustain the air quality inside the home one should probably get indoor plants that are a visual treat for your eyes and give peace to your mind and self. To buy plants online, Taru Vatika is the online platform for buying plants and we provide the best online plant delivery in India. Grow greens indoors and make your life perfect with our beautiful plants and trees.

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