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A Guide to the Best Indoor Plants for Birthday Gifts

The Best Indoor Plants for Birthday Gifts

Is it those times of the day when you have to think hard to give your special ones something memorable and valuable? Anniversaries and other occasions are off the table, but when it comes to birthdays, you do not want to compromise on anything. It is a huge fussing and demanding deal that you want nothing less than the best. Sadly, today gifts are often weighted on the amount they spend, rather than the value, emotions, and love in them.

However, you do not have to walk the money road like everyone else. All you have to do is be a little creative and gift your loved ones something beautiful and healthy for their special day. How about gifting Indoor plant and wishing them clean air for the future days. Plants indeed make up the best and most thoughtful Birthday Gifts. Their presence delight and cheer up the space, bringing positivity, prosperity, and health to the inmates.

So, if there is a birthday around the corner, and you are struggling with what to gift them, then Buy Plant Online and surprise them by delivering straight to their place.

Some of the popular Indoor Plant for birthday gifts are as follows:

  1. Pothos
    Pothos symbolize longevity and prosperity. It summons up the perfect birthday gift to wish good health and happiness. It is also known by many names like devil’s ivy or Money Plant. They are easy maintenance plants and can survive well with little attention, light, and water. Its air purifying qualities makes it one of the most popular and demanding Indoor Plant worldwide.
    Since Money Plants play a little sensitive role to dogs and cats, it is advisable to keep them away from them or by hanging them high for it will make a beautiful flowy plant.
  2. Poinsettias
    Being a classic plant, Poinsettias is a little different from small Bonsai trees or plants. This belongs to one of those rare plants where the prime attraction is not its flowers, but its leaves. The colored leaves range from white, cream, or red, visioning marveled and decorative piece. Because of their leaves’ color, it is also labeled as flame-leaf flower and lobster flower.
    Poinsettias is a low demanding Indoor Plant best suited for birthday gifts and housewarming parties. They are popular not just for their striking appearance, but also for health, happiness, and good fortune.
  3. Palms
    Palms are one of the most common and popular plants, symbolizing eternal life. And what better birthday gifts than a plant that promises health, peace, victory, and eternal life. They present a tropical feeling to the house, which can be easily grown with less maintenance and mid-light conditions. It perfects as the best decorative piece, placed best in living areas, balconies, and bedrooms.
    There are many varieties of palms, where you can get a clear picture in an online nursery for plants. Gift the one that suits them best and marks the special occasion memorable for your loved ones.
  4. Ixora Blooms
    Identified for its attractive leathery leaves and clustered flowers, Ixora Blooms is a beautiful Indoor plant, used for medicinal purposes as well. Each clustered flowers contain as many as 60 small flowers, thereby giving the plant a round appearance. Their colorful impression presents a soothing effect, proffering a loving and affectionate aura.
    If you are away and not able to make up for your loved ones’ special day, then get in touch with the Best online plant delivery in India, and get the best deal in Ixora Blooms, gifting a promising, beautiful, and prosperous future.
  5. Orchids
    Orchids is an attractive plant known for their exceptionally stunning appearance. They are in the planting world for many decades, and still attract viewers with their elegant, colorful, delicate, and attractive appearance. They perfect up the best gift for birthdays and other special occasions, as orchids are low in maintenance and easy-caring plant.
    The flowers of the plant are symmetrical giving the interior a new dimension of beauty. Since there is a wide range of colors and varieties in the orchid plant, you can make the entire choosing process simple and easy by looking in the Best online nursery for plants.
  6. Lucky Bamboo
    A popular and attractive indoor plant, Lucky Bamboo is considered an auspicious plant, modeling it the best gift for birthdays. It symbolizes luck, prosperity, wealth, friendship, health, and longevity. So in short, by gifting lucky bamboo to your special ones, you are passing on the message of all the good fortunes and health. They can be placed in both homes and offices, where it attracts positive energy while filtering the indoor air.
    Lucky bamboo can very well grow in low lighting areas and needs very minimal care, making it the best present for busy souls. They come in many varieties, shapes, and sizes, where you can find the best deals on Online plants without having to visit the nursery physically.
  7. Spider Plant
    If you want to gift your loved ones fresh and clean breathing space, then gift them a Spider plant. They come in the category of Best Air Purifying Plants, a popular gifting option for amateurs and experts. Their unique appearance, attractive spider-like foliage adds greenery to the living space, working along with purifying and cleansing the indoor air from harmful toxins and chemicals.
    Spider Plant comes in many varieties and produces flowers of different colors of yellow and white. They are best placed in balconies and verandahs, giving an added look to the interior.
  8. Peace Lily
    A Popular Indoor plant, Peace Lily symbolizes peace, health, and prosperity. Its shiny green leaves pointed spathe, and white flowers are considered a true definition of beauty. Its air purifying qualities exceed other indoor plants, where it creates a healthy and happy environment. It finds its best place in the workspace, living area, bathroom, and bedroom. It is an easy maintenance plant and can survive well in dry conditions too.
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Gifting indoor plants, benefits not just the receiver, but also the others around them. Make your special one’s day extra special by gifting them from a wide range of indoor plants choosing from the popular and most reliable online portal, TaruVatika. Change can only start from you, and so change the idea of gifting costly and wasteful things and replacing them into a healthy and beneficial gift like the indoor plant.

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