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10 Best Indoor Plants for Small Spaces

10 Best Indoor Plants

In earlier days gardening enthusiasts feel sad if they live in a compact apartment. But this is not the case nowadays since there are many indoor plants available for small spaces. A wide array of indoor plants can survive in any type of condition. They also even survive in the dark spaces since most of the apartments lack direct sunshine which is very important for normal plants. If you are interested in buying this plant then you can buy it from offline stores or you can also buy plants online.

In this blog let us discuss some of the best indoor plants for small spaces.

1 Ficus Bonsai Plant:

Ficus Bonsai Plant

Bonsai plants are perfect for small apartments because it is very tiny. The Ficus bonsai plant needs very less maintenance when compared to the normal indoor plants. Bonsai plants are based on the Japanese pruning method. In this method, the full-size tree and its shape are replicated in small size. The Ficus Bonsai plant can survive in warm temperatures so it can be grown in small apartments. The Ficus Bonsai plants need sunlight for their growth. Under and over watering will not affect the growth of the plant. Ficus Bonsai plants are mostly available in the online nursery for plants.

2 Lucky Bamboo:

10 Best Indoor Plants - Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is the best and ideal plant for apartments that do not have proper sunlight. If you are living in a busy city and if your apartment or house is very dark and dim then you can buy lucky bamboo to add greenery to your dark place. The Lucky Bamboo plant also adds a good Zen to the house. Lucky Bamboo plants must be grown in water. The water must be changed once a week. The period of changing the water also depends on the size of the plant.

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3 Pilea Peperomioides:

10 Best Indoor Plants - Pilea Peperomioides

Most garden enthusiast loves this plant. This plant is also known as the Chinese Money plant, UFO plant, and pancake plant. The Chinese money plant grows in a humid place. So bathrooms are the best place to grow Chinese money plants. It also adds greenery to your bathrooms. This plant can also be grown in any place that does not have direct sunlight. The house owners must ensure that the soil is dry before watering the Chinese money plant to prevent its root from rotting.

4 Pothos:

10 Best Indoor Plants - Pothos

Pothos is a hanging type plant and they are normally hung from the pot or basket. Pothos plants can thrive both in dark spaces and also in direct sunlight. The Pothos plant is one of the best air purifying plants which can be grown in any place. This plant helps to remove toxins that come out from the rugs and furniture. The Pothos plants improve the quality of the indoor air and keep the family members fresh and healthy.

5 Calathea:

10 Best Indoor Plants -  Calathea

Calathea plant is also known as a rattle-snake plant. This plant needs medium sunlight for its growth. Calathea plant is very attractive and it has striking foliage. Some leaves of the plant are pink and purple and they give brightness to the space. The Calathea plant must be watered once a week. Calathea plant needs humidity for its growth so it can be placed in the bathroom or the kitchen area.

6 Jade:


Jade is one of the best succulent plants to grow in the indoor area. Jade plants can even survive in direct sunlight for one day. Jade plant must be watered once in two weeks. The pot in which you grow the Jade plant must have a drainage hole to remove the excess water. The dry branches of the Jade plant must be removed to maintain the Jade plant fresh. Jade plants are available in the online nursery store.

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7 Hoya:

10 Best Indoor Plants -  Hoya

Hoya plants are also known as Crimson Prince. The Hoya plants can be placed near the window and it adds extra greenery to the house. The plant can survive only in the indirect sunlight so ensure that the Hoya plants are not placed in the direct sunlight area. The Hoya plants need humidity so water the plant once a week and before watering the plant make sure that the soil is dry. Repot the Hoya plant during the summer season or when you see the roots coming out of the drainage hole.

8 Zamioculcas Zamiifolia:

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Most busy house owners prefer Zamioculcas Zamiifolia because it needs very less maintenance when compared with the other indoor plant options available in the offline and online nurseries for plants. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia must be water only three times a month. This indoor plant needs very little light for surviving. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia does not attract pests and bugs inside the house. So you can buy this plant even if you are having small kids in your house.

9 Tillandsia:

10 Best Indoor Plants -   Tillandsia

Tillandsia is also known as an air plant since this plant does not require soil and survives with the help of moisture available in the air. The plant has also minimal roots. This type of air plant can be placed in attractive air plant holders. More than 500 species of air plants are available in the market and you can choose one that is visually beautiful.

10 Spider Plant:

10 Best Indoor Plants -   Spider Plant

If you are a person who used to travel often out of the city but you like to keep your house green then Spider plant is one of the best options. Spider plant is self-propagating and they need indirect sunlight for their growth. It also needs less maintenance. The spider plant has air cleaning benefits also. If you are planning to grow plants for the first time then buying a spider plant is the best option.

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