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Plants are not for just decoration- 5 ways plants boost mental health and wellness

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5 ways plants boost mental health and wellness

Most of us think that indoor plants are used only for decoration purposes which are not true. Surrounded by green and growing indoor plants will help humans to ease the mind and improve their health as well as their mental health. In recent studies, it is stated that growing and interacting with indoor plants in the house is beneficial both mentally and physically.

There are many benefits to growing indoor plants. If you do not have any nursery plant shop in your area then you need not worry because nowadays you can buy plants online also. If you are buying plants online then you must ensure that you buy them from the best online nursery for plants. In this blog let us discuss some of the main mental health benefits of growing indoor plants and also some of the best air purifying indoor plants that you can grow in your house.

Mental health benefits of growing indoor plants:

Mental health benefits of indoor plants
  • In recent studies, it has been proved that interacting with plants reduces the physiological and psychological stress of human beings. Interacting and growing indoor plants also create a soothing effect. When your living space is surrounded by green indoor plants it removes the negative thought from you and improves positive thought and action. In addition to this it also lower fatigue, reduces stress level, and improve mood.
  • Growing air purifying plants will remove the impurities and improve the level of indoor air quality. If the quality of the indoor air is very poor then it affects the health of the family members which affects the mental stability also. So grow air-purifying plants and prevent yourself and your family members from health problems.
  • When it comes to business productivity of the employee is very important which is very hard to achieve nowadays. The workspace can be spruced up by growing plants and it also gives a bright and fresh look to the office space. Growing plants in the office space also motivate the employees and make them feel happy. When you work in a fresh and green environment your body starts to release feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. Growing indoor plants in the office lowers fatigue during important works which need more attention and concentration.
  • If you believe it or not growing indoor plants improve your memory. In recent studies, it is proved that when you are around plants it improves the memory and concentration power of the human being. Due to the busy work schedule spending time with nature is very low nowadays. So it is a good idea to grow indoor plants in your house. If you are living in small apartments then you can grow indoor plants like Ficus Bonsai and Lucky Bamboo. In recent research, it is also proved that watering the plants daily improves your memory power.
  • Nowadays finding a person to whom you can share all your feelings in your mind is difficult. So indoor plants are the best companion to which you can share all the crazy things which you think in your mind. In our lives for some conversations we do not like interaction or suggestions from the other person but we feel like talking. This is the scenario in which the no expecting partner (Plants) comes into the play.
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Indoor air quality is one of the important factors which decides the health condition of the family members. There are many causes for bad indoor air quality. Some of the main causes which reduce indoor air quality are outside pollution, furniture, pests, mold, synthetic building materials, paints, carpets, and so on. Indoor plants improve the air quality. Some of the health-related benefits of growing indoor plants are preventing breathing-related problems, reducing stress, and also reducing the irritation of sensitive parts like skin, eyes, nose, throat, and ears.

Some of the indoor plants which purify the indoor air are listed below:

plants which purify the indoor air
  • Garden Mum:
    Garden mum has beautiful blossoms. The cost of the plant is very low when compared with other indoor plants. Garden Mum also needs less maintenance. This plant mostly grows in a cool space and it needs indirect sunlight not more than 10 hours a day. To keep the plant fresh occasionally pinch off the dried flowers and leaves from the plant.
  • Dracaena:
    In the market, more than 40 kinds of Dracaena plants are available. The house owners must choose one that suits their house. Some types of Dracaena are toxic to dogs and cats so the pet owners must be very careful while selecting the plant for their house. The average height of the plant is 3 feet so it is advised to grow this plant type in larger pots. It needs more space when compared with other indoor plants. So people who live in small apartments are advised not to buy this plant.
  • Boston Fern:
    Boston Fern cleans the air. It needs indirect light and high humidity to survive. The plant must be always kept moist. Boston fern must be watered daily and once a month it must be given a complete soak in the water.
  • Bamboo Palm:
    Bamboo Palm survives in a bright place. The plant grows up to 12 feet. The growth of the Bamboo palm is very slow when compared to the other normal plants. The Bamboo Palm must be repotted once in three years.
  • Peace Lilly:
    Peace Lilly is very small so even if you are staying in small apartments you can grow this plant. The soil must be moist always. Peace Lilly usually flowers during the summer season. Ensure that children and pets do not consume it because it can be toxic. Peace Lilly must be watered daily.
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Start growing indoor plants to make your house and your mind fresh and bright. Buy indoor plants from the best online plant delivery firms in India.

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