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10 houseplants that will thrive in your kitchen


Growing indoor houseplants is one of the main tips to change the house into a home. Indoor plants give a touch of the outdoor environment and it also makes the indoor place cozy. Some of the best places to place the indoor plants in the house are the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, entrance passage, and living area. In addition to décor purpose placing the indoor plants in the kitchen or any other place inside the house will also have some additional benefits.

If you are planning to grow some indoor plants in the kitchen then buy plants that purify the air or produce fresh oxygen. If you are growing it for the first time then you must be very careful in selecting the plant variety since some indoor houseplants cannot grow in certain conditions so when you are buying indoor plants you must consider some of your house conditions like temperature, humidity, and light condition. If you are going to grow indoor houseplants for the first then here is a list of plants that can thrive in any condition and these plants also needs less maintenance.

  • Pothos:
    Pothos indoor plant gives a greenery look to the whole space. It is one of the easiest plants to take care of. So most plant lovers who are busy in their official work prefer this plant type. This plant can grow in low, medium, and even bright light. It is also considered as drought tolerant so it needs less maintenance. It is also a hanging plant type so you can save your countertop kitchen space by hanging it.
10 houseplants that will thrive in your kitchen - Pothos
  • Succulents:
    Succulents are the best option if your kitchen receives bright sunlight for the maximum of the day. Since succulents store water in their stem and leaves, they need less water and are drought resistant. It also needs less maintenance when compared with other indoor plants. There are different varieties of succulents available in the market in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Some of the famous indoor succulents are sedum, kalanchoe, crassula, aloe vera, echeveria, and haworthia.
  • Philodendron:
    Philodendron is one of the low-maintenance indoor plants available in the market and it looks perfect when it is placed in the hanging basket. This plant needs medium to bright indirect light for its growth and it is also a drought-tolerant plant. This indoor houseplant variety is available in different colors and shapes. Philodendron is one of the best air purifying plant and are also notorious.
  • Herbs:
    If your kitchen receives sunlight then growing is the best option. In addition to a greener environment cooking organic and homegrown herbs daily is good for your health also. Herbs also need less maintenance and grow easily. If your kitchen location does not receive enough sunlight then as an alternative you can also use grow light for growing herbs. Some of the herb varieties which you can grow inside your house are cilantro, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, mint, parsley, and chives.
Houseplants - Herbs
  • African violet:
    African violet is the best option for those who love cut flowers from indoor houseplants. A well-maintained African violet will flower all over the year and this plant flowers in different colors. The size of this plant is very small so it can fit any space. To thrive this plant needs bright and indirect sunlight so placing it near the window or the side path is the best option. The African violet plant also needs regular watering.
African violet
  • Spider Plant:
    Spider plant is one of the easiest indoor plants to take care of. It is the best hanging plant. This plant should not be kept in direct sunlight. It needs only low to medium indirect light for its growth. If the plant is maintained properly with a regular watering cycle then they flower.
Houseplants - Spider Plant
  • Snake Plant:
    Snake plants are also known as mother-in-law’s tongue. It is one of the most popular houseplants. Snake plants are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. This plant can thrive in any light condition from low to bright so it can be placed anywhere inside the house and it also needs less maintenance.
Snake Plant
  • Rubber tree:
    If you like to grow a large plant in your kitchen then a rubber tree is the best option. This plant can adapt to different conditions but it grows to its full size only if it is placed in the native habitat of the plant. If you are growing this tree inside the house then to control its size and shape it must be pruned regularly. This plant is available in different sizes, colors, and shapes so you can choose a variety that goes along with your kitchen background and design.
Rubber Tree
  • ZZ plant:
    If you are growing indoor plants for the first then the ZZ plant is the best option because it needs very less maintenance and it can also thrive in any condition. It is also known as the Zanzibar gem. It is extremely adaptable to different light conditions. This plant needs rare watering since they grow from rhizomes.
ZZ Plant
  • Coffee plant:
    The coffee plant is one of the best addition to your kitchen indoor plants list. You can grow this plant even if you are not a coffee lover. Harvesting coffee beam from an indoor coffee plant is very rare but the bright green leaves of the plant add an attraction to your kitchen. This plant needs indirect bright sunlight so buy this plant only if your kitchen location gets bright light. It also needs frequent watering. So this is not a good option for the gardeners who used to travel regularly.
Houseplants - Coffee plant

In addition to the décor purpose growing indoor plants also has a huge impact on your lifestyle. Experts say that growing indoor plants will increase memory power and being surrounded by greenery will make your mind fresh and peaceful. All the above-mentioned indoor house plants need less space and maintenance so buy any one of the above-mentioned indoor plants and make a change to your life.

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