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Making your indoor space filled with tabletop plants would make the ambiance peaceful and elegant. Usually, plant lovers prefer plants even inside their office space too. Even in remote work situations, having exquisite plants or flowers will light up the mood. Whatever the situation might be, plants, particularly the low-maintenance ones that grow with minimum light exposure, make it easy to care for and boost your mental health. With these houseplants, you don’t have to stress about the maintenance. Tabletop plants are also known as desktop plants and these plants are widely used for office desks.

From cacti to succulents there are plenty of plants that are available online and you can obviously make use of it for upgrading your workspace as well as your office mood swing. Imagine sitting with coffee in one hand and a book on the other along with an indoor plant on your side table, peaceful isn’t it?. The problem here is not every plant you choose is suitable for tabletops. So, to overcome this we have listed out a few tabletop plants which create a serene atmosphere inside your home and give an aesthetic touch to your home space.

1. Cacti:


If you are an amateur with plants then you have to go with cactus. These plants can grow well with natural light and the maintenance is not pretty hard. You have to water it once a week during the spring and summer, and every three weeks during the fall and winter. The office cactus plant can be a great plant around your desk to start everything fresh and these act as great purifying plants.

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2. Air Plants:

Air plants

These spidery plants are also known as epiphytes which means they need no soil to penetrate, as they can grow on tree branches. They are likely to be parasitic and use hosts for their support. These plants can grow well just within the air itself. These plant types have become extremely famous over the last few years and there are plenty of online sites delivering them and you can find these in the nearby grocery stores too. Air plants with silver foliage are most likely to be drought-tolerant and the green types are to dry out faster.

3. Pothos:


Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, is a sprawling plant that is incredibly easy to take care of. These are evergreen plants with thick, waxy, green, heart-shaped leaves with splashes of yellow. It is the most commonly grown houseplant as they are the easiest plants to grow and these can climb utilizing aerial roots when grown outdoors they can reach maximum heights using tall trees as support. They can purify the air of formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. These plants give an aesthetic look by hanging them in the baskets, plant stands, and bookshelves.

4. Snake Plants:

Snake Plants

The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is a great succulent that can grow between 6 inches to several lengths. Provides the best ambiance and also acts as a great indoor air purifier by removing toxic pollutants. The snake plants need not much water and also keeping them away from sunlight keeps them healthier. These are slow-paced growing plants that live up to five to ten years, however, it is believed that they can almost live up to 25 years and more.

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5. Red Aglaonema:


Red Aglaonema is broadleaved tropical houseplants with large leaves which are red and sometimes they are pink. These are highly found in tropical and subtropical forests of Asia. The plant’s growing condition involves warm, humid, and shady places which are almost seen in every house these days. These plants need indirect sunlight, and they can survive in low humidity with the right watering conditions.

Plant gifts for your loved ones

Presenting your loved ones with romantic plants is something that is to be cherished with love. Getting them romantic flowers will obviously lighten the mood and of course, prevent fights for some time (just kidding). Buying plants online comes with a variety of choices and interesting features. This makes things pretty interesting as your loved ones start to take care of the houseplant you gifted in the way they take care of you.

6. Heart Fern:

TABLETOP PLANTS - Hemionitis arifolia

These delicate cute plants are heart-shaped and the perfect house plant to be gifted. This short fuzzy stem plant has plants that grow for 2-4 inches and they are of dwarf habitat which is perfect for small spaces. The plant needs medium to bright indirect light and is best for terrariums as they prefer to be moist with great humid conditions.

7. Heartleaf Philodendron:

TABLETOP PLANTS- Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron comes from South and Central America and is found in the West Indies too.it is a very popular houseplant which is why they are called sweetheart plants as they have heart-shaped green leaves. They are often given out as anniversary gifts as they are highly associated with romance. The leaves are dark green but when they first grow they are often seen in bronze color and thus giving the plant plenty of visual interest and also in rare cases they even produce greenish-white flowers.

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8. Sweetheart Hoya:

Sweetheart Hoya

Sweetheart Hoya is such a sweetheart-shaped plant which is also known as Hoya Kerri. They also have other names like hoya hearts, valentine hoya, heart-shaped hoya, wax heart plant, or lucky heart plant. This is a succulent plant that is famously seen especially during valentine’s day. The plant comes with plenty of names because of its marketing strategy. They are commonly used as tabletop plants on a shelf, buffet, or table. They can grow up to 10’ but when it comes to a houseplant they are usually slow-paced growing plants.

These are some of the plants that are often used as gifts on any occasion especially when it comes to loved ones they are pretty much likable. These indoor plants are widely seen both offline and online. To buy plants online, TARU VATIKA is the best online plant nursery which has several good houseplants from succulents to tabletop plants to potted plants to seeds. They deliver plants with utmost care and support.

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