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Boost Your Houseplant Care with These Tips

Houseplant Care with These Tips

Your houseplant most often ends up wilted and withered convincing you strongly that you are not fit to be a green person. No matter what you do, you always have to face disappointment. These are enough to convince you to quit being the caretaker of the plants.

Let’s face the reality. You must be missing some of the basic and important Houseplant Care in your maintenance schedule. Being a great plant owner is not a complicated task, as people picture it to be. You can also easily get guided through many amazing Plant Websites. Now, all you have to do is note the following tips for smooth and happy planting days, by taking a stroll down the green road.

Caring Tips

Caring for the Indoor Houseplant

  • Choose a space that gets enough sunlight
    Plants need sunlight to grow. Although the amount of time, light intensity, and quality vary on each plant, Indoor Plants also need sunlight for the photosynthesis process. This does not mean you have to place them under direct sunlight as many indoor plants are not capable to handle such intense direct light. Instead, place it in a well-lit place. Fluorescent lights also work as a great backup for some plants. Flowering plants need a minimum of 12-16 hours of light, while a foliage plant needs 14-16 hours every day.
  • Do Not Move Plants a Lot
    Not many know, but plants do not like to be moved. They take a lot of time to get settled or adjust to their surrounding, which in turn affects their growth.  This is one of the most common mistakes, especially in Office Plants, where they are moved for decorative or convenience purposes. It brings on a negative effect when the plant is suddenly moved from a cozy or cool place to a sun rich or warm area.
    This is the next important Houseplant Care tip. If you want to move your plants, then introduce the new space slowly and gradually like an hour a day, gradually increasing the time amount. This way, it will become easy for the plants to get adjusted faster and in an easy way.
  • Increase Humidity Level
    Dry air is one of the most common reasons for plants to die fast. And it is very true, especially in the case of Bonsai plants. Invest in a room humidifier, making sure the plant is rightly and properly humidified, not too close assuring the flowers and foliage are not too wet.
    If investing in a humidifier becomes a costly option, then you always have the DIY choice. Get a tray filled with pebbles and water just up the top of the pebbles. As and when the water evaporation takes place, it will continue to humidify the room. Or spray the plants with distilled water for an extra moisture effect. Group the plants together as it increases and helps to raise the humidity level. Some of the common signs of plants with poor to low humidity are wilting, brown flower buds, and leaves. So the next time your plants show a browning sign, then know it is because of the humidity.
  • No to Coffee or Tea Tip
    This is one of the bad ideas in Houseplant Care. It will only attract insects and flies that will eventually eat up your plants. Also, it will become a perfect breeding place for all kinds of insects.
  • Know Your Plants
    There are many types of plants and each is categorized into different sectors. For instance, there are some Air Purifying Plants like Gerber Daisy, Chinese Evergreen, Snake Plant, while some come into the category of medicinal uses like Aloe Vera. Every plant demands different care and maintenance like water, sunlight, humidity, and so on. To know more about your green friend, go through flower books, encyclopedias, Online Plants, and so on.
  • Choose an Easy to Care Houseplant
    Growing plants is a responsibility, that must be attended to on a serious note. This is why many experts lay focus on working individuals to choose plants that are easy to care for and maintain. Some of the popular easy maintenance plants that can survive well with days of neglect are Money Plants, Spider Plant, Dracaena, etc.
  • Prune Plants Regularly
    Certain plants require pruning at regular intervals. This process is very important as it will help the plants to be kept under control, which otherwise would become difficult to manage. Without regular pruning, the plants will outgrow the vase or pot and will very soon succumb to death. If you find any dead stems or branches, cut them off immediately or it will attract bugs and other insects. It will also spread to other healthy leaves and branches. For instance, Lucky Bamboo is a fine example of regular pruning. Keep note to prune just above the node of the leaf at an angle of 45 degrees. This will help to promote healthy and fuller plant growth.
  • Balanced 10-10-10 Fertilizer
    This must be carefully and clearly noted in your Houseplant Care guiding schedule. Plants need the right fertilizer to grow and survive. If you do not take care repotting the house plant or filling the soil with new nutrients, the plants will soon die. If you are having a flowering plant, then buy rich potassium fertilizer. For a foliage plant, Nitrogen high fertilizer is recommended. Similarly, plants need regular micronutrients for the surviving process.
  • Good Drainage Plant
    Proper drainage clearly decides the life of your plant. It is very important because overwatering can either damage or kill the plant. The planting pots must have proper drainage holes to let extra water drain away. One way to know how much more water your plant needs, is just to stick your finger up to the knuckle to the soil. if it is damp, then do not water it more. If dry, add water little by little.
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If the above tips are closely and regularly followed, then your green friends are guaranteed to survive well for many good years. If you are still doubtful about any Houseplant Care, then simply get guided in Taru Vatika. They are the best option where you can get a clear picture about every plant, about its care, maintenance, features, uses, etc. Use this amazing place to Buy Plant Online for you or to gift your loved ones, and help in spreading the joy, beauty, and its mind-blowing benefits.

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