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Top 8 Office Desk Plants for a Productive Workspace

Desk Plants

Is your workspace stress your soul out and deprive you of all the fun and energy? How about transforming into an engaging, peaceful, and tranquil space by simply introducing Desk Plants. Having Indoor plants will automatically connect you to the outdoor world, which will, in turn, convert your working space into a more productive, satisfied, and happy place. Office Plants come with many benefits like purifying indoor air, increasing humidity, adding décor and style to the workspace, and so on.

It is absolutely fine even if you are not a green person. The following are a few of the best Desk Plants that will guarantee to provide you with a new perspective and approach to your stressful job.

If you want to improve and energize your working space or help your friend, then choose from the below mood-boosting, air cleaning plants by contacting the Best online nursery for plants or visit the nursery near you.

1. African Violet

African Violet - Desk Plants

African Violet is one of the popular and common Indoor plants, admired worldwide for its pretty delicate flowers. Its leaves are hairy and produce colored clusters of purple, violet, white, pale blue, or bi-colored flowers. They can survive well in low light conditions, making them a perfect option for office Desk Plants. It is a long-lasting flower and frequently blooms all year round. Because of its easy maintenance feature, it is considered best for the new plant owners.
The reason African Violet is popular in office plants is it signals to never give up regardless of how to touch and hard the situation is. No matter what the circumstance is, always be at your best and bloom every single day of your life, just like its strong beautiful flowers.

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2. Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy - Desk Plants

Also known by many names like Pothos, Speaking Plant, or Money Plant, Devil’s Ivy is one of the best indoor plants. It is also the best option for beginners as it requires very little care and maintenance. There is absolutely no way that the Money Plants can be killed because of their strong and hard resistance qualities.
Devil’s Ivy takes place as a top Air Purifying Plants, equally for its beautiful features and aesthetic purpose. Its heart-shaped leaves make a great addition to the office desk, table, or shelf while symbolizing health, prosperity, happiness, and wealth.

3. Philodendron

Philodendron Desk Plants

Philodendron is a beautiful heart-shaped indoor plant, surviving best in conditions of all kinds. It is also the right option for office Desk Plants with very little care and maintenance. Its green glossy velvety leaves with its trailing habit, make the plant more charming and attractive.
The plant apart from its beautiful features cleans the indoor air from harmful pollutants and chemicals. Its leaves absorb moisture and release clean oxygen, making the room fresh and energetic. This natural air purifier will instantly uplift the mood of the office inmates, urging them to work harder.
There are many varieties of Philodendron, each differs in its size, shape, texture, and color. Once you decide the best that suits you, you can easily buy in the online nursery for plants and decorate your workspace for better performance and energy.

4. Aglaonema


Also called Chinese evergreens or aglos, Aglaonema is famed for its deep green leaves with a tinge trace of red, yellow, or green. The plant symbolizes long life and prosperity. They play the prime role of improving indoor air filtering out toxins and pollutants. Their leaves emit oxygen, thereby increasing productivity in office and living spaces.
Their striking statement appearance presents a welcoming and strong vision to the viewers. They are also the easy maintenance plant perfecting for office desks.

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5. Oxalis

Oxalis Plants

Oxalis is also popularized by the name wood sorrels, a low-growing plant, with funnel or bowl-shaped brightly colored flowers. Their splashy clover-like appearance makes it the perfect match for office Desk Plants. Apart from its attractive and unique features, Oxalis is used for medicinal purposes as well as to treat pain, fever, and inflammation. Their maintenance is low and can survive partial to full sunlight.

The flowers are the attractive part of the plant, giving a colorful and abstract appearance. Oxalis comes with many species, where few species’ leaflets close down at night. Since they are native to Southern Africa and South America, you can Buy Plant Online, for it will be a little difficult to get them in local nurseries near you.

6. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboois also called Dracaena. It is the symbol of prosperity and good fortune, widely used in homes and offices for its good luck charm. They play an important role in the Feng Shui practice for it is believed to bring love, luck, and health.

The branches of Lucky Bamboo are naked and have long thin leaves. They make up the great house and office plant and can survive all conditions with ease. However, they prefer low-light areas, away from direct sunlight. They do not need fertilizers or soil to grow and can thrive just fine in purified or distilled water. This makes it a clean and easy maintenance plant.

7. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant - Desk Plant

Zamioculus Zamifolia popularly called the ZZ plant is famed for its unique and attractive appearance. They can tolerate drought gracefully and can strive well in low-light conditions making them a perfect match for office Desk Plants. Their leaves are shiny and glossy, giving them a polished look. The plant is mostly used for Pseudo-Bonsai.

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ZZ plant is also known by many names like African coontie, aroid palm, cardboard palm, and so on. Their raven shiny green appearance makes it a stunning office plant.

8. Cacti


If you want your working space to stand out from the rest, then Cacti is the best-recommended option, just like its unique and bold appearance. They are found in harsh and dry deserts, Cacti is one of the few plants that can survive well without any care and maintenance. Nature has loaded the plant with enough water that it can withstand all conditions and circumstances. The only thing that must be taken care of is to place the plant in high sunlight areas. If you are ordering Cacti from the online portal, make sure to buy it from the Best online plant delivery in India, so that you do not end up with dead plants.

If you are still confused as to which plant will perfect your office desk, then look into Taru Vatika. They will load you with plant ideas to make your working space more beautiful, attractive, and energetic.

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