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Magenta Dianthus Plant


Plant name: Dianthus Plant
Plant Type: Flowering plant
Plant Placement: Indoors and Outdoors
Vase Type: Plastic Vase

Plant Trivia
Botanical name: Dianthus alpinus
Blooming period: April to November
Odor: Resembles cinnamon or clove
Height: 12 inches to 1.5 feet
Sunlight: Requires direct or indirect sunlight for at least 5 hours

The word dianthus means divine flower. Dianthus plant produce vibrant, colorful flowers and have a subtle fragrance.
Why it’s special:

  • Smaller flowers.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Ideal for pot culture.

Dianthus Plant Care

For the first 1-2 weeks after receiving the plant:

  • Place it in indirect natural light.
  • Check the moisture by sticking your finger or a thin stick into the soil.
  • When topsoil (1-2 inches) in the pot feels dry to the touch, moisten it with one cup (approx. 50 ml).
  • Do not repot for at least 2 weeks after receiving it.



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