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Crassula Ovata Plant


Ideally, jade plants need four or more hours of direct sun, but will also survive bright indirect light.

South African native crassula ovata is a tender succulent plant that is very easy to grow and propagate, making it very popular as a houseplant. The name crassula refers to the thick, fleshy nature of the species, and the name ovata to the shape of the leaves. Crossula ovata, popularly known as a jade plant, is a common houseplant.

Plant name: Jade Plant (Big Leaves)
Plant Type: Succulent
Plant Placement: Indoor & Outdoor
Vase Type: Plastic Vase

Plant Trivia
Botanical name: Crassula Ovata
Origin: South Africa
Height: Up to 5 inches approx
Sunlight: Moderate


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