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How Indoor Plants Make You Happy?

Indoor Plants Make You Happy

In addition to the physical appearance, the indoor plants are good for the health of the family members. Growing indoor plants freshen the indoor air and also removes toxins from the air. If you are interested in growing indoor plants then you can buy them from both offline and online plants stores. If you are planning to buy indoor plants from online stores then you must buy them from the best online plant delivery in India.

In a recent study, it is also reported that growing indoor air purifying plants removes 87% of toxins in 24 hours. Growing indoor plants also improve productivity and concentration. It also reduces the stress level. The greenery of the plants also makes the people feel happy and calm. Flowers improve the mood of the people. Walking around a natural place relaxes the human brain and all of us have realized it in our life. Similarly, being surrounded by indoor plants like Bonsai, lovely palm, and money plants also makes life good. Some people also believe growing lucky plants like Lucky Bamboo, Jade, and so on brings good fortune for the family members. In this blog let us discuss some of the reasons why indoor plants make your life happier:

why indoor plants make your life happier
  • Reduce the outside noise:
    If you are living in an urban place then outside noise is one of the main problems in your life. The outside noises because of vehicles, constructions works, blowers, and lawn movers disturb the peace of the family members. The loud outside noises increase the stress level and make you feel irritated. Planting trees outside can reduce the noise level so for many years people living in busy urban areas plant trees, indoor plants can also do the same. The leaves of the plants absorb the noise or reflect the outside noise and keep the indoor place peaceful. Place the indoor plants near the strategic area or the windows diffuse the noise and create a calm environment inside.
  • Feel relaxed:
    The connection between humans and nature is known as Biophilia. Making a connection with nature has a great impact on the life of human beings. Most of us spend time inside the house. So, growing plants inside the house bring a biophilic connection and make the family members happy. The relaxing effect of the indoor plants reduces the stress.
  • Healing benefit:
    In recent research by Kansas University, it is proved that placing indoor plants inside the patient’s room or a garden view from the room helps the patient to recover faster. Placing indoor plants in the office area reduces the absence rate of the employees because of sickness. By enhancing the indoor environment by growing indoor plants improves the soothing. The indoor plants also increase the quality of the indoor air by pulling stale air and breathing out fresh air outside. Some of the indoor plants which help to purify the indoor air are the Ficus tree, spider plant, and Boston fern. Growing indoor plants has many health benefits. Some of the main health benefits of growing indoor plants are it reduces the stress level, improves the immune system, creates an optimistic mood, reduces blood pressure, and improves sleep. Surrounded by indoor plants heal mental illness also.
  • Increase the energy and performance:
    Growing plants improves the mind state. The subliminal effects of the plants increase the spirit and make you feel happy. Surrounded by green plants make people active and alive and brings a positive mood.
  • Increase attention:
    Growing indoor plants in the schools and offices increase the attention level of the students and the employees. Placing plants photograph or fake plants will not give the same effect. By improving the attention it increases the productivity of the employees and the learning capability of the students.

    Shopping new indoor plants both offline and online is fun. When a plant successfully grows you will feel happy and it also gives indirect motivation to you in your life. Watching the progress of the plants will motivate you to work continuously until you succeed. Living in a greener place will make you good both physically and psychologically.
benefits from the indoor plant

There are different types of indoor plants available in the market and all the plants do not bring the same amount of joy to your life. If you are a travel person then high maintenance indoor plants may not bring more joy to your life. If you want more benefits from the indoor plant then growing Aloe Vera is the best option because the leaves of the plants are used to improve and herbally treat wounds on the skin. Aloe Vera also removes toxic gases from the indoor air to a certain extent.

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If you want extra positive energy in your house then buying a snake plant is the best option because it brings positive energy to the place and it also requires less maintenance when compared to the indoor plants. If you are living in a compact place with no proper airflow then you can grow snake plants because during night time this plant converts carbon dioxide into oxygen.

If you or any of your family members have breathing-related problems then you can grow eucalyptus because it has the ability to cure cold and asthma.

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